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Ultimate Reset 21-Day Vegan Detox

The guys over at Beachbody have been some of the most committed and effective formulators of exercise programs and regimens for many years. As an industry leader, they have decided to take on the additional challenge of promoting our internal wellbeing as well, which is the motive force behind their Ultimate Reset 21-Day Vegan Detox Cleanse.

The best 21 day vegan detox cleanse is the Beachbody Ultimate Reset because it offers several supplements with a complete 3 step diet change to reset your system. This super simple system has been clinically proven to help people lose weight, increase lean muscle, and reduce inches & cholesterol.

Beachbody programs have helped countless clients looking to shed extra weight and live healthier lives. In this piece, I will be taking an overview of what exactly this program entails and what it will require of you for the best results. Read on and find out whether the Beachbody Ultimate Reset cleanse holds the key to unlocking the door to your weight loss, health, and wellness goals.

What Is the Ultimate Reset All About?

beachbody ultimate reset reviewYou are not simply meant to survive on this earth but to thrive. That is the 1-floor elevator pitch that describes what the Ultimate Reset is offering. Within the short span of three weeks, this healthy living system is meant to re-tune your body to the optimal settings for day-to-day life.

With all the toxins, chemicals, and all-round harmful elements we take in through the foods we eat; the air we breathe; the materials we interact with; and everything else in our industrialized environments, it is no surprise that our bodies are struggling everyday from feeling tired, unhealthy and a lack of excitement for life.

Peer-reviewed journal studies on the Ultimate Reset has shown that people who undertook this 21-day program indicated significant improvements in various health markers aside from weight loss, including cholesterol levels, body mass index (BMI), and blood pressure in those whose levels fell within the acceptable normal ranges.

All this is aside from the positive reviews and feedback from those who have had the chance to try it out for themselves.

Whatever your history or lifestyle, you should know that your body is capable of attaining peak performance conditions, just as long as you are willing to put in the work. The Ultimate Reset is an encouragingly short program, but do not mistake it for magic – you will have to make some sacrifices, especially when it comes to your diet and habits.

That is the bad news. The good news is that the Beachbody team has come up with one of the most comprehensive systems designed to remedy, rectify, and, ultimately, reset your body to what it should be.

You will not only be getting a fresh start, but a start that can see you all the way through to achieving your weight loss, health, and wellness goals. This is what we will be getting into here.

Let us get right into it.

The Ultimate Reset Has Gone Through Clinical Studies (i.e Proven to Work).

The clinical study and the results were published on March 2013 in Journal of Chiropractic Medicine (a peer-reviewed medical journal). (Full text here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1556370713000047)

Research was conducted at the New York College of Chiropractic Medicine, led by key investigator Dr. Mary Balliett. She had the following to say about the Ultimate Reset results:

“These results are statistically significant at p<0.05…. What does that mean?… That means you can be assured with 95% confidence that if you were to do this study, if you were to do this product, Ultimate Reset, that there’s a 95% chance that you would get the same results or very similar results.”

Here are the Clinical Study Results, the 21 Day Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cleanse is Effective for:

  • Reducing Weight (average weight loss of 8.75 pounds)
  • Decreasing fat mass
  • Increasing percent lean tissue
  • Reducing inches in waist and hip (over an inch on average)
  • Reducing cholesterol (both Total and LDL)
  • Reducing triglycerides
  • Increasing testosterone in male (female levels stayed consistent, only a slight decrease)

During this study, they also noted the following side effects during the 3 weeks:

  • Week 1 (Reclaim) – 55% No Symptoms; 23% Headache; 7% Fatigue
  • Week 2 (Release) – 66% No Symptoms; 9% Headache; 4% Fatigue
  • Week 3 (Restore) – 77% No Symptoms; 4% Headache; 13% Fatigue

The headaches were mainly due to caffeine withdrawals. However, you can see that those who reported the Headache side effects decreased over time.

Additionally, you can see that the majority of people had no side effects to report.


Getting Started: The Ultimate Reset Supplements

Your Ultimate Reset bundle will have a variety of supplements to help you on your journey. Individually packed as sachets, capsules, and mixes, and with usage instructions, these are all carefully selected to support your efforts as you reach your goals.

Power Greens

You will be taking this once a day. This is a blend of all the best you can get from celery, matcha green tea, cucumber, kale, chlorella, and spinach. These are all recognizable superfoods, and they make their appearance here as a team.

With all the sodas, sugars, fried food, and all that make up most of our daily diets, our bodies need some balance. All these contribute to body acidity, which makes our internal systems less able to get their jobs done. Homeostasis is not just a word you had to remember in biology class – it is a reality you need to live with.

The power greens supplement is designed to help restore your body’s acid-base balance, which is the first step to great health and wellness.


This is to be taken three times each day. Some of the most potent detoxifying ingredients are in this supplement, including milk thistle, turmeric, ginger, chia seed, and flax powder. Milk thistle is especially helpful in its capacity to support liver function.

Many of us do not understand that detoxifying is not just about getting rid of the bad stuff in our bodies – it is more about getting our bodily systems in a state that they will deal with all the potentially harmful elements that we ingest optimally.

For example, the colon not only functions to eliminate waste but serves to extract potassium, fat-soluble vitamins, and vital water from your digestive processes. Should your colon be working at less than full capacity, you will be feeling bloated, backed-up, and overall uncomfortable.

What Beachbody has done here is come up with a formulation that does not simply flush out your lower levels like a laxative – that would have been easy. What they have come up with is a relatively gentle yet effective detoxifying regimen that gets the job done.


You will be taking 2 of these before each daily meal – three times a day. What this does is promote the activity of the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Yes, you do have a veritable flora of bacteria that does the work of breaking down all the food and drink that you take in so that it gets to a form that your system might make useful.

Scientifically speaking, these are called probiotics, and you can increase their population and efficacy by taking in certain supplements – which is why they are included in the Ultimate Reset. This formulation is designed to counteract all the negative effects of the Western diet and lifestyle, getting your body back to what it should be.

This supplement combines pro-and prebiotics, which, all things considered, is even more impressive than it sounds. One major reason this supplement is so important is that the antibiotics we take for all manner of ailments and health issues also have the unintended effect of clearing out the healthy bacteria in our systems. This is how you can get back what you lose through this reality of modern living.


You will take this in accordance with your water intake, as we will get into further on. Our bodies require minerals in order to perform and regulate various functions, including fluid absorption, keeping muscle cramps away, and the overall maintenance of our bodily fluid levels.

One of the major essential minerals (minerals that we do not produce naturally in our bodies) is sodium chloride. Most of us receive our daily requirements from the common table salt we all use in our foods, but you should know that this type of salt is highly processed, meaning that most of the trace elements that nature imbues it with are stripped away in the refining process.

What you get with this supplement is Pink Himalayan Salt, which is very minimally processed, meaning that it retains most of the naturally-occurring trace elements and minerals that it comes from the earth with.


You will be taking two capsules of this supplement 30 minutes before each meal (3 times a day). Many bodily processes and functions such as respiration, vision, growth, and the storage and release of energy, among others, are dependent on the work of enzymes to occur. We rely on them quite literally for our survival.

With age, the potency and levels of enzymes we are able to produce naturally will diminish, which accounts for the slowing down of many body functions with the progression of the years. Compounding this deterioration is the lifestyle, diet, environment, and stress levels that many of our lives entail.

What this supplement is designed to do for you is provide you with a supply of many of the enzymes that your body might not be supplying at optimal levels, thus catalyzing and supporting various vital body functions and processes. These enzymes include amylase, bromelain, lipase, protease, and more, which work to support the breakdown and absorption of the food we eat for the maximum nutritional benefit to our systems.


You will be taking 2 of these capsules before your dinner each day. This is a supplement designed to give your system gentle relief from any of the stresses that might be occasioned by the new regimen you are undertaking. Our bodies will often be resistant to change at first since they become accustomed to routines, however unhealthy they may be.

Your Ultimate Reset might startle your system, resulting in some discomfort, especially during the first week of the program. This combination of organic aloe vera and curcumin (derived from turmeric) will help ease the rough edges of your journey to health and wellness as you strive towards optimal health and wellbeing.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Supplements


Ultimate Reset: What To Expect at Every Step

As with most journeys, the first step often seems like the hardest. Getting your Reset underway will require some mental and physical preparation beforehand and is best started off when you know you can dedicate your focus and efforts to the regimen.

If, for example, you expect to be doing a lot of traveling soon, you might want to reschedule your Ultimate Reset, since the meal plans and supplements might be cumbersome to carry around and organize in unfamiliar settings. Look for a starting date where your life will be free from high levels of professional or social stressors and responsibilities.

Each phase involves a detailed meal and supplement plan to make things easier for you. Every meal will be laid out to support your efforts fully, with suggestions on what options might be available to you and how you can liven things up should you wish.

Weekly prep tips, comprehensive ingredient, and shopping lists, and everything else you will need to know is included in the Ultimate Reset pack so that you know what to do at every step of your journey.

This program is ostensibly designed to run for 21 days, but it might be more accurate to consider it a full 30-month regimen, as you will likely take an extra week to get things on an even keel as you go forward.

You will be reintroducing foods you had left behind for three weeks and getting back to something closer to your usual routines – with significant improvements thanks to all the lessons you will have learned, of course!

Ultimate Reset First Phase – Reclamation

what is the beachbody ultimate resetThis takes place in your first week (days 1-7) and will involve using your Mineralize, Power Greens, Optimize, and Soothe supplements.

What you will be trying to do in this, your Reset’s initial phase, is to gradually eliminate refined foods and animal products from your day-to-day diet. These will be replaced by a healthy dose of green vegetables.

There is some flexibility allowed here for those who are already vegetarian or vegan, whereby wholly vegan options are provided. You might also prefer to replace the meals entirely with your preferences, as long as they fall within the same nutritional bracket as the suggestions made by the program.

During this first week, you will be transitioning your diet from including meat to being a full vegan.

Ultimate Reset Second Phase – Release

This will be the second week of your Reset (days 8-14) and will involve taking your Power Greens, Mineralize, Optimize, Detox, and Soothe supplements.

The goal in your second week will be to achieve the complete elimination of animal products (eggs, dairy, and meat included) from your diet in favor of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

You are encouraged to source organic produce that is as fresh as possible and optimally in the season to ensure that you are getting the maximum available nutrition with minimal chemicals or pesticides. However, you are warned not to overdo it with the fruits so that you do not to take in too much sugar.

Ultimate Reset Third Phase – Restoration

This will take place on the third stretch of your Ultimate Reset (days 15-21) and involve using your Power Greens, Mineralize, Optimize, Soothe, and Revitalize supplements.

Here, you will seek to restore your system to optimal conditions by eliminating legumes and grains from your diet as well, so that you will now subsist on a diet comprising fruits and vegetables. This is the simplest, most effective cleansing diet possible, but you will have some leeway to cheat a bit with optional grain snacks if you feel the need to do so.

Of course, as these meals are entirely fruit and vegetable in nature, you will be making bigger servings per meal. You will still need to keep an eye on your fruit intake to keep your sugar consumption limits in check.

Here’s a quick Beachbody Ultimate Reset introduction:


How To Live During Your Ultimate Reset

Getting your mind and body in optimal shape will involve more than getting your eating habit in order or detoxifying your system. There are plenty of lifestyles, mental, and social elements that go towards making us complete as human beings, and the Ultimate Reset offers a guide on how you can positively impact these aspects as well.

These are things you can do during the 21-Day Vegan Detox and well beyond it, as they can become part of your new and improved lifestyle.


It might seem rather counter-intuitive, but the good people over at Beachbody tell us that during your Ultimate Reset, heavy, strenuous exercising is to be avoided in favor of gentler physical activities that allow your muscular system to recuperate, recharge, and rest.

You will be giving your internal system a detoxifying workout during these three weeks, so you might be asking a bit too much of your body if you are out climbing mountains at the same time.

Some great activity suggestions include stretching, swimming, brisk walks, yoga, Tai Chi, and breathing exercises. After your Reset period, you may gradually pick up the pace of your activities and intensity before getting back to your regular training sessions after around one week.


Our bodies require a good amount of quality sleep each night to rejuvenate, refresh and repair themselves. You might find that your sleep patterns are somewhat altered during your Reset, requiring you to sleep longer or earlier than you usually would. This is because of the extra work your body will be doing, especially in the first week of your Reset.

To maximize your sleep quality, make sure you go to bed with a clear and stress-free head, minimize noises in your surroundings, turn off or unplug nearby electronics, and make sure you are letting fresh air circulate through the room wherever possible.


The healing power of breathing can be easily underestimated. We have been doing it all our lives. So what is the big deal? Well, there is breathing, and then there is proper breathing. Many of us have fallen into the habit of breathing very shallowly, only filling the tops of our lungs with each intake of air. This is especially true in times of stress or anxiety.

Proper breathing involves taking deep breaths that fill the lungs to capacity, though not by forcing the air down our throats but by practicing diaphragmatic breathing. This is the deep belly-breathing that allows for the easy intake of large volumes of air.

Proper breathing will help improve your digestion, relieve stress, calm nervous tension, improve circulation, reduce mental fatigue, and more.

Water Intake

Water is life, as they say. With a body that is almost 65% water, it is no wonder that it plays such a vital role in our health and wellbeing. The clear stuff helps lubricate our joints, regulate our body temperature, cleanse internal organs, lubricate our muscles, and facilitate the elimination of waste matter from our bodies – an especially vital role for us during our Ultimate Reset detoxification period.

It is suggested that we drink water before our meals rather than afterward for a couple of good reasons. For one, doing this will help curb our appetite. Your digestive tract will also be cleaned, lubricated, and opened up to receive the oncoming food with ease.

Note: All through your Ultimate Reset, you will be drinking water with your Mineralize supplement added to it. You should be mixing in half a teaspoon of your Mineralize supplement per gallon of distilled water, which you may start drinking again 30 minutes after your meal aside from before meals and through the rest of your day.

Conscious Eating

What the Ultimate Reset cleanse means when it talks of conscious eating is an increased awareness of our relationship with the food that we eat, our bodies, and the habits and patterns that we have developed with regard to eating.

We need to reassert the fact that embarking on a vegan diet does not necessarily mean eating less food. You will be filled up just as comfortably as you like, but only with healthier, more nutritious, and more eco-friendly foods.

A useful suggestion is first to take a moment to think about your food before eating. What do you want it to do for you? Some people pray over their food; some simply acknowledge how grateful they are even to have food to consider eating, while athletes go into great detail about what benefits they want to derive from what they put in their bodies. It is all about raising awareness of your eating habits.

Emotional Regulation

Our emotions play a greater role in our eating habits than many of us are aware of. In many instances, you might find yourself eating not because you are hungry but because you are stressed out, anxious, sad, lonely, and so on.

Allow the Ultimate Reset to give you the opportunity to examine your eating patterns – when you feel a pang of hunger or craving, ask yourself whether it truly is hunger or just a desire for comfort/company/approval in the form of food. Knowing is half the battle.

Transition Period

This is what comes after your 21-days are successfully completed. After congratulating yourself on finishing the Ultimate Reset, you will need to get your system readjusted to a more relaxed routine. It will be up to you to decide what to incorporate into your lifestyle going forward, and you should pay attention to how your body reacts to the reintroduction of certain foods and habits into your routine.

Remember to go slowly. For example, you might carry on with the fruit and veggie diet from week three while slowly reintroducing grains, legumes and perhaps making your portions more substantial. Do this for about two weeks, keeping in mind that your body is running a lot more efficiently, meaning you do not need as much food as you used to in order to keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

Take note that you should still keep completely away from sugar, alcohol, and soda during this period.

After two weeks, you might be in a position to begin reintroducing animal products into your diet should you feel so inclined. You might notice your system’s biggest effects here, which is why you will need to be very keen on how your body is taking things.

Bloating, gas, sinus issues, minor rashes, and such symptoms will indicate sensitivity to certain foods, suggesting you should strongly consider cutting back on them or leaving them out of your diet entirely.

Options and Enhancements for Your Reset

Your 21 Day Ultimate Reset  Cleanse will be a strict one for a good reason, but there are some instances where it accommodates some of our weaker tendencies. Take snacks, for example; You might feel some cravings more strongly than usual on some days, which the program seeks to help you deal with.

Note that food cravings are not always about what is in your belly or missing from it – cravings might be triggered by emotional, psychological, environmental, or other factors such as dehydration. A cup of herbal tea or simply plain water might be all you need to feel better in these times.

Even so, rather than reach for that bag of chips or that chocolate chip cookie in such times, there are plenty of snacking suggestions included with the Ultimate Reset. These will mainly range from fruits and grains such as apple slices, avocado pieces, toasted millet or quinoa, veggie mixes (carrots, strawberries, blueberries, and mung beans, broccoli, cauliflower), seaweed preparations, and more.

There are plenty of options available to you if you are willing to try new things. The only stipulation is that you stick to the full-nutrition options and servings defined in the program. It is infinitely easier than most people imagine while getting started here.

Final Thoughts

The Ultimate Reset 21 Day Detox plan is one of the most comprehensive vegan regimens out there and perhaps the most effective one yet. It is marketed differently from most plans in its detailed approach to eating, exercising, and general lifestyle advice.

The supplements are formulated with well-known ingredients, proven for their effectiveness and safety. The program manages to give allowance (with guidance) for personal preferences to best suit different customers.

With Beachbody’s decades of experience in health and wellness, this is a great way to get your system back into optimal working order for work, play, and daily life.

I know when I went through the Ultimate Rest, it was a challenge. However, I felt like I had more energy and had a lot less cravings than normal. Plus, the new vegan foods that I got to try out tasted amazing and were super simple to prepare.



Before using meal replacement shakes and exercising, I was obese and on track to having high blood pressure at the age of 25. I'm glad to say I lost 50 pounds and am living a healthier lifestyle than before. Now I like sharing what I learned when I first researched what meal replacement to drink and the best way to lose weight. Learn more about me here...

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