THRIVE Mix Shake Review – Premium Life Style Upgrade?

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Thrive Mix reviewLiving a healthy lifestyle involves many steps. Marketed as being part of achieving a premium lifestyle, the THRIVE Mix shake is presented as being one of those key steps. By reading Thrive shake reviews such as this, you will learn if it is, indeed, a healthy choice for you.

Thrive Mix is a nutritional shake powder that is part of the “Thrive Experience” from the company Le-Vel. The Thrive shake is formulated to fill multiple roles, including that of meal replacement, weightloss aid, and nutritional supplement.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the THRIVE Mix shake. We will examine its ingredients and suggested methods of use. Read on to get a clearer context of how it could fit into your health routine.

What Is THRIVE Mix?

The manufacturer of the THRIVE Mix shake describes it as a “Premium Lifestyle Shake.”

This begs the question — what is a lifestyle shake?

After all, that is rather an ambiguous term. It might be great for marketing purposes, but it doesn’t explain what it actually is.

To be fair, the Thrive shake is but one part of a three-part health regimen offered by Le-Vel, its manufacturer. The developer of the system claims that it is designed to be part of an overarching system that promotes optimal physical and mental conditioning.

Looking over the THRIVE Mix would tell you that it is a delivery mechanism for vital nutrients and supplements that your body needs to promote good nutrition, weight loss, and lean muscle mass development.

Of course, with many other health shakes on the market promising to do the same, knowing how the Thrive shake does what it does is essential. So too is knowing what’s in it.

What Kind of Shake Is THRIVE Mix?

THRIVE Mix is a powder that comes in canisters containing enough product to make 16 servings. It is intended to be mixed with water or other liquids to make nutritional health shakes.

Since the company that manufactures the Thrive shake does not brand it specifically for one purpose, it is understandable if some people may be confused about its intended use. Analyzing the composition of the THRIVE Mix powder, however, allowed us to shed some light on specific use applications for the product.

Based on the amount of protein (about 15 g) and fiber (about 5 g) that is contained in each serving, the THRIVE Mix formula is consistent with other health shakes that are intended to assist your body in losing weight naturally.

There is enough fiber in the product to assist in providing a sensation of fullness. This means that it can also have a role as a meal replacement.

Who Makes THRIVE Mix?

Thrive Mix is manufactured by Le-Vel, an American-based health and wellness company headquartered in Frisco, Texas. It has been in operation since 2012.

Le-Vel was founded by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette. They are not only the co-founders, but they also serve as the company’s co-CEOs. The company’s website touts how Camper and Gravette have 41 years of combined experience in the health and wellness industry.

Le-Vel’s company philosophy states that it is committed to sourcing “premium grade raw ingredients and using a higher level of nutrition” in the formulation of all of its products.

In terms of innovation in the health and wellness industry, as of 2020, the company has 30 patents registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Public acceptance of Le-Vel and its products can be measured from the sales figures that it has published. As of 2020, the company has over $2 billion in lifetime sales and over 10 million customers.

How Does THRIVE Mix Work?

To people who are unfamiliar with Thrive, it is not uncommon for there to be some confusion as to how it works. After all, the Thrive Mix shake is promoted heavily by Le-Vel as part of its larger “Thrive Experience” package.

The Thrive Experience package includes the Thrive shake powder in addition to two additional products — gender-specific Lifestyle Capsules and a proprietary dermal patch that uses the company’s Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) to allow for a steady infusion of nutrients through the skin.

Some people assume that the Thrive shake is only meant to be taken as part of this package with the other supplements. The reality is that it can also be taken on its own. This is why the company makes it available for purchase as a stand-alone product apart from the package option.

How Do You Use THRIVE Mix?

Whether you use THRIVE Mix as part of the THRIVE Experience package or by itself, the method for using it does not change.

It is intended to be used once or twice a day. It is meant to be consumed as a shake in place of a meal. When part of the THRIVE Experience, the only difference is that you should take your Thrive capsule 20 minutes prior to drinking the shake.

THRIVE Mix comes in two presentations. There is the box containing 16 single-serving packets, and there is the canister containing a total of 16 servings. Preparation involves mixing the powder with a liquid. This could be water, almond milk, dairy milk, etc.

What Are the THRIVE Mix Ingredients?

The Thrive shake’s ingredients are categorized by Le-Vel in the following ways:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Plant Extracts
  • Antioxidants
  • Enzymes
  • Probiotics
  • Amino Acids

The company states that this unique blend of ingredients makes THRIVE Mix stand out from other health shakes on the market. This is why they refer to it as a “premium lifestyle mix” — a self-styled category unique to Le-Vel.

When analyzing the ingredients of any nutritional product, it is important to look at the details — the individual ingredients that go into the product — not just the broad categories. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the Thrive protein shake ingredients.

THRIVE Mix Ingredient Breakdown by Volume

Thrive Mix Supplement FactsAccording to the nutritional label attached to each Thrive Mix container, in each serving of Thrive mix, over 94 percent of its volume is made up of:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Dietary fiber
  • Fat
  • Sugars

Another 4.5 percent of volume in each serving is made up of the proprietary blend of energy-boosting and metabolism-enhancing ingredients formulated by Le-Vel. This blend includes:

  • Garcinia fruit extract
  • Oat fiber
  • Caffeine extracted from black tea
  • Lactobacillus
  • Acidophilus
  • Rice bran
  • Amylase 5000
  • Bromelain
  • Cardamom seed extract
  • Cellulase
  • Ginger root
  • Lipase
  • Papain
  • Protease
  • Cinnamon bark extract

The remaining 1.5 percent is comprised of vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Thiamine
  • Riboflavin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folate
  • Biotin
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Calcium
  • Iodine
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Chromium
  • Molybdenum


How Do the THRIVE MIX Shake’s Ingredients Benefit You?

As you have seen, the complete analyzed list of ingredients in THRIVE Mix is long. It is much more complex than the categorized list used in Thrive’s marketing material.

In order to properly understand the benefits and potential side effects to your health in taking THRIVE Mix, it is best to do so by looking at how these ingredients – work together and separately – to give you better health.

Proteins in THRIVE Mix

Proteins are an important element in the THRIVE Mix formula. Their presence in the product is meant to help your body in the development and sustainment of lean muscle tissue. This, in turn, helps to increase your metabolism, which then helps you to burn fat faster. Add the fact that protein can stimulate the production of biochemical signals of fullness, and it sounds like a win-win all around, right?

Well, in a way, yes. However, while two of the sources of protein used in THRIVE Mix are recognized by the health community as offering solid benefits to those who take them, one of the protein sources may leave something to be desired.

  • Pea protein. Contains branched-chain amino acids, which are great for muscle tissue. It is one of the easiest plant-based proteins to digest. This reduces bloating and bowel irritation.
  • Whey protein. Derived from whey, a by-product of the cheese-making process, it helps to improve muscle protein synthesis. The only slight drawback for some is that being derived from milk, it does contain residual lactose.
  • Soy protein. High in amino acids and used by your muscles similar to pea and whey proteins, soy proteins do have a downside that the other two proteins do not. Soy protein can cause a metabolic estrogenic effect. This, in some people, can negatively impact their metabolism and keep you from losing weight.

Why does THRIVE Mix have these three types of proteins as opposed to only one?

Le-Vel does not disclose why it chose this combination of proteins that it incorporated into its formula. However, based on studies from third parties that have analyzed over 2,600 brands of health powders, the reason that other brands chose similar protein combinations was to provide the most digestible protein mix possible to minimize the number of people who may experience bloating.

Another reason is to mitigate possible flavor issues for individuals with delicate palettes. While this type of sensitivity is not present in everyone, it does affect a sufficient portion of the population so as to make reliance on a single protein source impractical. The presence of three protein sources would nullify such flavor related conflicts.

Whatever the reason that Le-Vel chose to use a pea-whey-soy protein combination is not as important as the fact that soy is present. While its presence may not cause a metabolic problem for the majority of the consumers of THRIVE Mix, it is important that you are aware of its presence in case you are in the segment of the population that could be impacted negatively by its presence.

The Fiber in THRIVE Mix

The dietary fiber used in the Thrive shake mix is not as controversial as the choice of protein. The fiber in THRIVE contributes to stimulating your body to feel a sensation of fullness while not being needlessly harsh on your digestive system.

Vitamins and Minerals in THRIVE Mix

The long list of vitamins and minerals found in THRIVE Mix offers a well-balanced mix of nutrients. They contribute to helping keep your body’s nutritional requirements in proper balance.

Whether you are using THRIVE Mix as part of the THRIVE Experience, as a stand-alone meal replacement, or as a nutritional supplement to help you keep the weight off and build lean muscle mass, the vitamins and minerals in each Thrive shake are conducive to those ends.

What About the Proprietary Blend of Ingredients?

The proprietary blend of ingredients found in THRIVE Mix was formulated to enhance the probiotic signature of the product.

Probiotics are literally microorganisms with beneficial properties for your digestive and metabolic system.

Present in a combination such as that found in THRIVE Mix, they produce antioxidants in your digestive tract where they are more easily absorbed into your bloodstream. In turn, they help your body to metabolize fats and sugars more efficiently.

How Is THRIVE Mix Sweetened?

THRIVE Mix is sweetened using a combination of sucralose and maltodextrin. Both of these are artificial sweeteners.

Sucralose is known by many under the brand name “Splenda.” Most people are indifferent about its use in health products. They focus more on the fact that the chemical composition of sucralose is not broken down by the body when it is ingested. This is what makes it practically calorie-free.

Other people may be concerned about its use due to possible connections to reductions in healthy gut bacteria and its possible impairment of insulin sensitivity. It should be noted that sucralose is approved by the FDA and has been accepted as being safe.

However, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, sucralose has been shown to cause leukemia and related blood cancers in animal studies.

Much like sucralose, the use of maltodextrin is a bit controversial. In THRIVE Mix, maltodextrin is used for its sweetening properties as well as a thickening agent. However, it is known to spike your blood sugar, suppress the growth of probiotics, cause allergic reactions, and negatively affect several of your body’s organs and systems.

What Texture Does THRIVE Mix Have?

All of the flavor varieties of THRIVE Mix share the same characteristic when it comes to texture — it’s all about how you mix it and what you put in it that determines what texture your shake will have.

On its own, THRIVE Mix can seem gritty. This is especially true if prepared with plain water. The large quantity of fiber that it contains is responsible for this.

There are several Thrive MIX reviews online that obsess over this point unfairly. We consider it unfair because few people would use plain water as the mixing liquid for a shake powder.

By using almond milk or nonfat dairy milk as your mixing liquid, you will find that the final mixture loses most of its grittiness. The colder the milk is at the moment of blending, the more effective it is in this regard.

Blending time is also more of a factor with THRIVE Mix than with other health shakes. By adding an extra minute to your blend time from the moment that all of the ingredients have been properly blended together, the resulting Thrive shake will have a smoother texture that holds up for half an hour or more.

Adding ice or frozen fruit to your Thrive shake will result in the thickest shake possible.

While theoretically, you could mix a Thrive shake using a hand shaker or whipping it by hand in a glass, the results would be disappointing to most people.

The final product would display excessive grittiness and take away from the satisfaction of drinking it. That is something that you want to avoid if you are using it as a meal replacement.

What Are the THRIVE MIX Flavors?

Thrive Mix shake flavorsIf you have tried other brands of weight loss and meal replacement shakes, you know that the flavor options are usually limited. Some brands only offer one base flavor.

THRIVE Mix breaks out of this mold by offering six flavors:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Apple Pie
  • Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice
  • Candy cane

Le-Vel also has a variety pack that comes with four individual serving packets in each of their Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Apple Pie flavors. This is a nice option to have when you want to have multiple flavor options throughout the week without having to purchase canisters in each flavor.

Even though six flavors provide a decent choice of options, by adding your own ingredients — such as fruits, nuts, yogurt, fruit juice, etc. — you can increase the number of flavor options immensely.

If you need the inspiration to create your own flavor variation, there are many recipes for Thrive shakes online. There are also videos posted on YouTube by actual users of the product.

The following video gives you a good idea about how easy a Thrive shake is to prepare as well as the endless possibilities for concocting your own special blend.

Are There Any Differences in the Flavors Besides Taste?

All of the Thrive MIX flavors offer the same amount of calories (110 calories per serving) and nutrients. Also, there is no variation in the texture of the finished shake from flavor to flavor.

Which THRIVE Mix Flavor Is Best?

It is difficult to say which THRIVE Mix flavor tastes the best because we all have different preferences. Personally, I will always pick chocolate first.

However, there are many people that prefer the light taste of Vanilla. Plus, with Vanilla, you can experiment more with it by changing up the flavors with fruits and juices.

While some meal replacement shakes can come in questionable flavors, the THRIVE MIX flavors are across the board good and your taste buds will determine best which you prefer.

Who Would Benefit Most From Using THRIVE Mix?

THRIVE Mix was formulated to be beneficial for both men and women. Likewise, it is suitable for young adults, those who are middle-aged, and even those who are over 55 but still pre-geriatric.

Benefits Those Seeking a Meal Replacement

The way THRIVE Mix is formulated, it would benefit those who are seeking a meal replacement that is filling and that tastes good.

The fact that it comes in six flavors and that it contains over 5 grams (0.17 ounces) of dietary fiber per serving means that it accomplishes both of those tasks.

Benefits Those Wanting To Lose Weight

Taking Thrive MIX shake regularly is going to have a net positive effect on your body’s natural weight-loss engine because it’s high in protein, dietary fiber, and a healthy dose of probiotics.

By helping to increase your metabolism and maximizing the efficiency of the synthesis of proteins for lean muscle mass development, it primes your body for faster weight loss.

Also, in aiding in the metabolism of fats and sugar, it contributes to the acceleration of weight loss.

What is the THRIVE Mix Cost?

When Purchased as Part of the THRIVE Experience Package

When purchased as part of the THRIVE Experience Package, a two-week supply will cost you $100 USD. This includes a daily supply of the gender-specific Lifestyle capsules, the nutrient delivering skin patch (Lifestyle DFT), and enough THRIVE mix powder for one shake per day.

There is also a four-week version of the package for $150 USD.

Thrive Mix Experience

When You Buy THRIVE MIX On It’s Own

When the THRIVE Mix powder is purchased on its own, whether in the box of 16 single-serving packets or in the canister containing 16 servings, the price is $56 USD.

This price applies to the assortment pack and all flavors, with the exception of vanilla. The vanilla-flavored powder has a price of $52 USD.


THRIVE Mix Cost Analysis

When purchased as a stand-alone product, the vanilla-flavored variety of THRIVE Mix would come out to $3.25 per serving. The remaining five flavors have a per-serving cost of $3.50.

In terms of value, the cost per serving makes it cost a little more than an Average Joe meal replacement. However, the extra cost can be because of the following extra ingredients:

  • Plant Extracts
  • Antioxidants
  • Enzymes
  • Probiotics
  • Amino Acids

These extra ingredients are beneficial to your health but are not common in your Average Joe meal replacement.

Regardless, if you use THRIVE Mix as a meal replacement, its per serving cost will be lower than what you would spend on a meal at a restaurant.

Compared to the cost of a meal prepared at home, the per-serving price would be comparable, but the preparation time for blending a Thrive shake compared to cooking a full meal would be much less.

Free Options to Obtain THRIVE Mix

Le-Vel is very big on leveraging the power of referral marketing. According to its website, since 2012 and through 2019, the company has shipped over $200 million in free products.

The way for you to obtain a free supply of THRIVE Mix requires you to register for the THRIVE referral program and to also be registered for auto-ship.

Upon doing so, for every two people who you refer to the site and who purchase either the THRIVE Experience or THRIVE Skin packages on auto-ship, you will receive your free product the following month.

There is no time limit to this referral bonus. This means that as long as you always have at least two of your referred customers on authorship each month, you would never have to pay for your THRIVE Mix again.

This referral program may not be for everybody, but for those who do find that sort of personal networking easy, Thrive really makes it worth your while.

THRIVE Mix Pros and Cons


  • Stimulates your body’s natural weight loss process
  • Contains fiber to provide you with a sensation of fullness
  • Easy to prepare
  • Available in six flavors
  • Contains probiotics
  • Gluten-free
  • An attractive referral program is available


  • Marketing material has a lack of clarity in properly explaining THRIVE Mix’s role in weight loss
  • Contains Soy – Normally found as a GMO and can negatively affect your weight loss efforts.
  • Contains Lactose – More of an issue for those who are on a Vegan diet or for those who can’t digest milk products.
  • Contains Sucralose – Has been shown to cause leukemia and related blood cancers in animal studies and negatively impacts the gut by changing your microbiome and enzymes.
  • Contains Maltodextrin/Corn Starch – Can spike your blood sugar, suppress the growth of probiotics, cause allergic reactions, and negatively affect several of your body’s organs and systems.
  • Contains Caffeine – Not preferable to those sensitive to it.
  • Side effects have included: nausea, headaches, upset stomach, and bloating.
  • Contains Natural Flavors – According to David Andrews, Senior Scientist at the Environmental Working Group (EWG), this: “[Natural flavors] will often have some solvent and preservatives—and that makes up 80 to 90 percent of the volume. In the end product, it’s a small amount, but it still has artificial ingredients.”

Final Thoughts on THRIVE Mix

Le-Vel has an amazing concept behind their marketing. Afterall, who doesn’t want to THRIVE in their life?

It’s not fully marketed as a weight loss system but instead weight loss can happen because you’ll be replacing a meal with the THRIVE Mix.

Instead, Le-Vel is about providing high grade nutritional supplements. Many have used these supplements and have felt much more energy and endurance throughout the day. Many have even reported better sleep, improved concentration, and of course weight loss.

Also, if you take on the THRIVE Experience that includes the THRIVE MIX, gender-specific Lifestyle capsules, and the nutrient delivering skin patch (Lifestyle DFT) you’ll make sure that your nutrition intake is well rounded. Much more so than taking a meal replacement alone.

Overall, Le-Vel is making some amazing products, however, Le-Vel is taking some shortcuts in their ingredients by including some questionable ingredients like: soy, sucralose, maltodextrin, and artificial flavoring disguised as “natural flavors” in their THRIVE Mix.

Due to these ingredient shortcuts, Le-Vel is able to offer a fair price compared to those who use premium ingredients.

Overall, if you don’t mind these ingredient shortcuts stated above, THRIVE MIX might be a good match for you. After all, fast food companies use several more questionable ingredients and people have not stopped buying from them.

Yet, THRIVE Mix and the rest of the Le-Vel products have helped people improve their health. Plus, their price is fair for the ingredients involved.


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