Grown American Superfood Review – Worth the Hype?

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grown amaerican superfood organicThese days, it can be difficult to consume all the nutrition your body needs. That’s where super green powders like Grown American Superfood come in. But what is Grown American Superfood?

Grown American Superfood is an organic superfood supplement made from natural whole foods that are gently dried and then crushed into a powder. This product is designed to help you achieve your nutritional goals, and contains a dense amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about this super greens powder shake.

What Is Grown American Superfood & Is It Any Good?

Grown American Superfood is a concentrated green powder made from organic fruits and vegetables. The green powder is designed to supplement your diet and help improve your nutrition.

Mix a serving of the superfood powder into water and drink it in the morning to add an extra boost of energy to your day.

One serving of Grown American Superfood contains one and a half servings of fruits and vegetables!

Adding the green powder into your diet will help make sure your body is getting what it needs to function well. The powder is full of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that will help boost your health.

Grown American Superfood is not a weight loss product. It is simply a supplement that is designed to help improve your overall health.

Is Grown American Superfood any good? Yes, Grown American Superfood tastes good and is a great supplement that offers several vitamins and minerals with organically grown fruits and vegetables.

How Does Grown American Superfood Work? How Do You Use Grown American Superfood?

Grown American Superfood is simple to use, and is used like any powdered protein or nutritional supplement.

Simply add a scoop of the powder into a cup of water and stir. This will create a healthy green drink that has 1-½ servings of fruits and vegetables, making it a quick and compact way to ingest your daily nutrients.

Alternatively, you can mix the powder into other liquids. If you mix the powder in milk, it will help to mask the natural taste.

You could also add to any smoothie for an extra added health boost! The flavors in your smoothie will definitely conceal the taste.

Or you can mix into yogurt to add a nutritional punch into your snack. The powder is similar to any other superfoods or nutritional powder, so feel free to get creative with the ways you incorporate it into your life.

How Is Grown American Superfood Made?

The Grown American Superfood powder is made from organically grown produce and sourced from local farms, according to the Grown SuperFoods website.

The Grown American Superfood is not a pre-made drink, but rather a powder made from “superfoods” that can be added to your breakfast shakes or mixed into plain water.

The ingredients in Grown American Superfood are all whole fruits and vegetables grown in America, and is USDA Certified Organic.

The produce is taken and then pulverized into a superfood powder that is designed to help users improve their nutrition.

What Are Superfoods?

“Superfood” is a common term for foods that contain a dense amount of nutritional value. Though this is not an official term used by nutritionists, it is a catchall term for nutrient-rich foods.

Common foods that are referred to as superfoods include kale, acai berries, and wheatgrass. These “superfoods” are full of vitamins, phytonutrients, fiber, and antioxidants.

Keep reading to see a full nutritional breakdown of Grown American Superfood.

Additionally, Superfoods are whole foods that are extremely healthy. Meaning, they have distinct health benefits that will help give your life an extra boost.

Superfoods have various positive effects and can reduce your risk of heart disease, memory loss, and other health issues.

What Are Super Greens Powders, Exactly?

Super Greens powders are dehydrated, pulverized greens that are designed to help you increase your nutrient intake.

The powders contain a plethora of nutrients, including vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium, iron, and antioxidants. They are designed to help you take in all the vegetables and produce that you might not normally be able to eat every day.

Green powders are also an excellent option for people who might have difficulty chewing. For people with certain health problems, super green powders can be a way to get their daily needed vegetables.

Are Super Green Powders Effective?

Nutritionists have conflicting opinions about whether or not green superfood powders are actually beneficial. Most agree that whole foods are the best and healthiest option. But superfood powders are designed to fill the gaps in your diet where nutrition might be lacking.

Some nutritionists doubt the benefits of green superfood powders, as they are a processed version of “the real thing.”

Most dieticians agree that green powders should not replace all of your daily vegetables. Other nutritionists think that green powders are dangerous because they might pose as a vegetable substitute when they should really be used as a supplement.

Most nutritionists state that whole food is best for your diet. The powder lacks two things that whole vegetables have: water and fiber.

However, if you are struggling to eat all the whole foods your body needs daily, then green powders can be an excellent addition because they will help you increase your nutrient intake.

Always be sure to check with your doctor before making alterations to your diet.

Certain medications might clash with green powders. For example, if you take blood thinners and then begin to consume super green powders, you might need to adjust your medication. In addition, people with kidney conditions might experience negative results. To be sure, consult your doctor.

What Should I Look for in a Super Green Powder?

Registered dietician Mascha Davis says that if you are looking for a green powder, go organic.

Also, be sure to pay attention to the ingredient list, as some green powders can contain additives, chemicals, and fillers. The healthiest ingredients list will contain only whole foods.

What Are the Grown American Superfood Ingredients?

Grown American Superfood is made from 31 organic fruits and vegetables.

The Grown American Superfood ingredients are made up of whole foods, without any additives or chemicals.

The whole foods are all locally sourced in the United States, dried, and crushed. This creates a superfood powder that is simple and easy to ingest.

The Grown American Superfood ingredients are as follows:

  • 12 sprouts: Amaranth, Quinoa, Millet, Buckwheat, Garbanzo Bean, Lentil, Adzuki, Flax, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Chia, and Sesame
  • Eight fruits: Blueberry, Strawberry, Cranberry, Orange, Cherry, Lemon, Pear, and Apple
  • Six vegetables: Broccoli, Celery, Brussel Sprouts, Carrot, Green Bell Pepper, and Pumpkin
  • Five leafy greens: Kale, Spinach, Wheatgrass, Barley grass, and Alfalfa grass

As you can see, Grown American Superfood contains a large number of fruits and vegetables and is free from commonly used chemicals or additives that might not be healthy for your body.

It’s important to note that while the ingredients list does have a large amount of healthy whole foods, it does not thoroughly explain how much of each food is in each serving.

Many nutritionists agree that not enough scientific data is out there to prove or disprove the effects of green powders.

Check out the Grown American Superfood Nutrition Facts below:

Grown American Superfood Nutrition Facts

Get the most up to date Nutrition Label over on Amazon Here…

Why Drink a Green Powder Shake?

In the midst of fast-paced living, it can be difficult to find time to consume all the right foods required for living a healthy lifestyle.

Convenience foods like fast food and freezer meals don’t always have the best nutritional value. That’s where protein powders, meal replacement shakes, and other green shakes come in.

For many, these Health Shakes are one way in which you can be sure to take in the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs.

Supplements, like vitamins, protein powders, meal replacements, and super greens powders, are designed to supplement our diet and help with your daily nutritional intake.

Super Greens Powders are a supplement made from leafy greens, vegetables, and other healthy whole foods.

They are a condensed way to consume your daily nutrients and may provide certain health benefits, like boosting immunity and decreasing the symptoms of chronic disease.

But how does Grown American Superfood compare to other super green drinks and supplements on the market?

There are many supplement powders, protein powders, and meal replacements on the market, and it can be easy to get lost in a sea of supplements.

Keep reading this Grown American Superfood Review to get a full nutritional breakdown of the ingredients.

However, it is important to note that there are very few studies done on these products, and while they do contain nutrients, they should not take the place of whole foods.

Instead, they should simply supplement your diet and help you along.

Who Makes Grown American Superfood?

The produce found in Grown American Superfood is all organic and sourced from Mid-Western American farms.

Their website lists the Van Drunen Farms farms as one of the company’s food sources. Van Druren farms are committed to growing organic and pesticide-free.

The food from Van Drunen Farms is grown on their 1,600 acres of farmland. All of the produce that winds up in Grown American Superfood is grown organically, without any pesticides.

The produce is then taken and dried before being pulverized to make the powder. The goal is to get the nutrition from the field to your body in as few steps as possible.

The Grown American Superfood company is a huge advocate for the farm-to-table movement. The movement supports the idea that the healthiest food comes straight from the farm to your table in as few steps as possible.

Grown American Superfood, while a powder, is made from all-natural produce that has been locally sourced, dried, and pulverized into a powder.

Each scoop contains half a serving of fruit and a whole serving of vegetables, so it’s an efficient and condensed way to consume your daily nutrients.

Is Grown American Superfood Really Organic?

Grown American Superfood is certified USDA Organic, which means they went through the process to ensure their packaging could have the USDA Organic label.

This process involves an on-site inspection by a certifying agent who ensures that the farm or business complies with organic regulations.

Why Choose Organic?

Organic refers to the way agricultural products are grown. Organic agricultural practices are better for individual health and better for the environment at large.

If a food is labeled as USDA certified organic in the United States, it means that the food was grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes, petroleum-based fertilizers, and sewage sludge-based fertilizers.

Organic crops are also de-weeded by hand without the use of chemicals.

The way our food is grown can have effects on our body and mind. Organic foods often have more beneficial nutrients than their conventionally grown counterparts.

Multiple studies show that organic foods contain significantly greater levels of Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus when compared to conventionally grown foods. They also contain greater levels of antioxidants.

Organic food is often fresher, and the process of growing organic food is better for the environment. This is because organic farming practices need less water and less energy to upkeep.

Organic farming, by definition, is done without pesticides or chemicals. In addition, organic farming practices conserve water and preserve rich soil conditions.

How Does Grown American Superfood Taste?

Though the company claims their powder does not have a gritty taste, some Amazon reviewers have reported that the Grown American Superfood powder to have a gritty texture and an earthy taste.

Blending Grown American Superfood with water and ice could help reduce the gritty texture.

In addition, blending the powder into a smoothie will help disguise the texture, as the blender will disperse the powder throughout your smoothie and smooth the powder out.

how to mix grown american superfood

What Are the Grown American Superfood Flavors?

Currently, Grown American Superfood only offers one Superfoods Blend.

The Superfood blend contains over 30 fruits and vegetables: 12 sprouts, eight fruits, six vegetables, and five leafy greens. The taste of Grown American Superfood has been described as earthy and unpleasant on its own.

Some reviewers have not minded the taste, while others find the taste to be too overwhelming.

A few Amazon reviews have stated that the main taste is apple, which makes sense as the first listed ingredient for the Grown American Superfood product is Apples.

While others have described the taste as grassy.

The superfood powder does mix well into water.

In order to mask the taste, it will help to blend into milk, almond milk or used as a smoothie boost. The flavor of the smoothie can overpower the earthy flavor of the supplement powder.

Who Is Grown American Superfood Best For?

Grown American Superfood is best for aiding your health! It can be difficult to get all the nutrients your body needs daily, so it is helpful to have a powder-like this.

Grown American Superfood is not a meal replacement and should not replace whole foods in your diet. Instead, Grown American Superfood is designed to give you an extra nutritional boost, hence, it’s a supplement.

However, it is important to add more fruits and vegetables into our diet, as they provide the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that our bodies need to function.

While consuming whole foods is the most ideal way to intake those nutrients, it is not always realistic for everyone. Especially when our daily lives can get so hectic, that’s where super green powders come in.

Grown American Superfood is also excellent for people who may have difficulty chewing.

If you have jaw problems or dental issues, it may be a good idea to take green powders to help boost your health and help you to get the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs.

One scoop of Grown American Superfood powder contains a multitude of vitamins and nutrients. This makes it a quick and simple solution to help you take in all the vitamins and minerals that your body might be lacking.

However what, exactly, do all these fruits and vegetables do for our body? Here is a quick nutritional breakdown…

Health Benefits of Grown American Superfood Ingredients

  • Sprouts:
    • Quinoa is known for its protein and fiber content.
    • Millet contains essential B vitamins, zinc, and potassium.
    • Flax seeds are an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Fruits:
    • Berries contain antioxidants, a substance known to prevent cell damage.
    • Cranberries are good for lowering blood pressure and are a known remedy for curing urinary tract infections.
    • Strawberries and oranges contain vitamin C, which will help to improve your immune system.
  • Vegetables:
    • Broccoli contains vitamin K, an important vitamin for blood clotting, bone metabolism, and regulating blood calcium levels.
    • Pumpkin seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids, an essential fatty acid that your body can’t make on its own.
  • Greens:
    • Spinach contains iron and calcium, which are essential nutrients for your body.
    • Wheatgrass aids in digestion.
    • Alfalfa grass is known to assist with arthritis and asthma.

Grown American Superfood Ingredients

As you can see, the ingredients in Grown Americans Superfood powder is packed with nutrients.

This super greens shake powder is full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants— all the nutrition you would need for a healthy, well-rounded diet.

All of these ingredients are designed to increase your health, reduce cancer risks, and boost your immune system, among various other health benefits.

How Does Grown American Superfood Compare to Other Green Powders on the Market?

Grown American Superfood has a clean ingredient list of whole foods. The ingredients are also organic, which is a huge health plus.

Choosing the right green powder for you will depend on your individual health goals.

If you need more fiber in your diet, for example, Grown American Superfood might not be the right supplement for you. Other green powders have additional fiber, which will help with motility.

As far as pricing goes, Grown American Superfood comes at a fair cost compared to other foods on the market.

At the end of the day, it comes down to how much money you are willing to spend on your health and nutrition.

How Much Does Grown American Superfood Cost?

The Grown American Superfood price is $69.95 on Amazon and $59.99 + $8.95 Shipping at for one 30 Serving bag.

A three month supply ordered from will cost $159.80+ Shipping.

The website advertises a free trial, but some customers have complained over the company’s billing practices. Several customers complain that they were lured by a free trial that ended up costing them upwards of $80.

Are there other places you can buy Grown American Superfood?

Yes, there are some third party sellers on Ebay that sell Grown American Superfoods. However, it is not sold at GNC or other health food stores at this time.

Pros and Cons of Grown American Superfood


Grown American Superfood is an easy way to ingest vitamins and nutrients that might be lacking in your diet. It is a condensed form of produce and can help improve your diet and help you to feel your best.

Some customers have claimed a major boost in energy after taking the green powder daily. It is a quick and easy way to make sure that you are consuming what your body needs.

All of the ingredients in Grown American Superfood are designed to help increase your health and boost your immune system.

The farm to table movement not only supports local agriculture, but it also supports individual health. It is a huge pro that Grown American Superfood sources from local farms.

The organic and pesticide-free produce offers incredible health benefits that will help with your diet.

As far as nutritional supplement powders go, Grown American Superfood comes at a fair price compared to more premium health shakes. Their website offers a 30 day supply for $59.99 + $8.95 Shipping. A serving of this superfood powder is 8 grams. When calculated out, that equals $2.29 per serving. The powder can be found on Amazon for around $60 with free shipping for Prime Members.

Though some customers have complained about Grown American Superfood’s billing process, the company has a Better Business Bureau rating of A-. The Better Business Bureau is a private non-profit organization that reviews businesses. Their mission is to instill market trust. An A- rating is not terrible. But it is the pricing of Grown American Superfood that leads us into our cons.


Some consumers have complained about Grown American’s billing policy. Their website offers a free trial, though some customers have claimed that they have been tricked into buying a second bag of the superfood powder. If you are interested in trying the powder out, it can be found on Amazon for a better price here.

Another con is that Grown American Superfood does not explicitly state how much of each ingredient actually ends up in a serving of the powder. As this data is lacking, it is unclear exactly how much nutritional benefit you can reap from a scoop of this superfood blend.

Grown American Superfood is also not a meal replacement, and has very little protein, fiber, or probiotics. If you are looking for a meal replacement or a well-rounded supplement, Grown American Superfood might not be right for you.

Summary of Grown American Superfood

These days it can be very difficult to take in all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that our body needs on a daily basis. The convenience of fast food and freezer meals are a quick fix, but even the most health-conscious person can have difficulty consuming all the natural whole foods that a healthy diet requires. That’s where supplements come in.

At the end of the day, Grown American Superfood is a nutritional supplement that will assist you in meeting your daily nutritional goals.

The fact that Grown American sources from local organic farms is a huge plus. If you are committed to improving your health and boosting your immune system, a green powder can be a great and simple adjustment to your diet.

The ingredients includeded in Grown American Superfood are all excellent sources of nutrients, antioxidants, and will help your overall health.

However, it comes down to how much you are willing to spend. The price of Grown American Superfood is rather steep. There are similar products super greens powders, and nutritional supplements on the market with more reasonable price tags.

Also, if you are looking to increase your protein or fiber, grown American Superfood might not be right for you. Other protein powders or supplements will be more helpful, depending on your goals.

Final Takeaway

According to Grown American Superfood, each scoop has a full 1.5 servings of healthy, organic fruits & vegetables in every scoop. For an estimated cost of $2.29/scoop, it’s not too bad of a price.

According to the Nutrition Facts, it contains 2 g of Fiber, 1 g of Protein, and a impressive list of Vitamins & Minerals. The Vitamins and Minerals found in Grown American Superfood make it a great supplement, which should not be confused with a meal replacement nor protein shake.

It would be nice if the ingredients included more fiber and protein, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. However, as a supplement to your diet, Grown American Superfood is a nice option.

Due to lacking the above nutrients, I can only give Gorwn American Superfoods a 3.0 out of 5 star rating. There are definitely more well rounded Super Greens Powders on the market.

If you’re interested in more Grown American Superfood reviews, check out what others are saying on Amazon – Grown American Superfood

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