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beachbody ultimate reset reviewBeachbody Ultimate Reset is a 21-day body detox and cleansing program marketed by Beachbody, the same company behind Beachbody On Demand, and the Shakeology nutritional shake. Beachbody presents the program, not as a quick health fix — but rather as a comprehensive health recovery system.

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset consists of a combination of health supplements made with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients. It also includes a nutrition guide and a comprehensive meal plan. Unlike other detox and body cleanse programs, it allows participants to eat three meals per day.

As part of this Beachbody Ultimate Reset review, we researched and analyzed the program thoroughly. Read on and discover the details of what it promises, what it delivers, and how it works.

A General Overview of Beachbody Ultimate Reset

The creators of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset program describe it as a “21-day program that gently restores the body to its factory settings.”

The program is divided into three phases. Each of which includes a set of nutritional supplements and meal plans that the participants must adhere to for maximum nutritional and cleansing effect.

In addition to the supplements and meal plans, the Beachbody cleanse also provides participants with access to a “participant portal.” This contains videos and program material that covers the full 21-day cycle of the cleanse.

What Is the Ultimate Reset?

As is common with many detox and cleansing programs, product marketing often make huge claims and misinforms consumers of what it truly is capable of.

While the Beachbody Ultimate Reset does not fall too deeply into this trap, it is not difficult for someone new to the idea of cleansing to get lost in the marketing hype.

To avoid confusion and to allow you a better opportunity to evaluate whether Beachbody Ultimate Reset is suitable for your health goals, you must first understand the core process of detoxifying and cleansing the body.

A detox, or body cleanse, is the process of trapping and removing toxins from your body’s tissues.

Medical studies have concluded that environmental factors — the introduction of toxins through food included — contribute to diseases such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and an overall deterioration of your body’s health.

With additional studies concluding that 30-35 percent of cancer deaths are related to diet, the value of leading a toxin-free lifestyle should be obvious. This is where programs such as the Beachbody Ultimate Reset come into play.

The Ultimate Reset is a program designed to remove toxins from your body. At the same time, it focuses on replacing your previous unhealthy meal choices that contributed to the accumulation of toxins with healthier options.

How Does Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cleanse Your System?

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset cleanse program is structured so that it uses a two-pronged approach for cleansing your body of toxins.

Isolating and Removing Toxins

The 21 day cleanse Beachbody puts out includes nutritional supplements that assist your body’s natural toxin removal process.

The supplements themselves do not hunt down the toxins in your system and destroy them. Instead, they work to bolster your body’s natural processes for getting rid of toxins.

This permits your body to remain toxin-free for a longer period after finishing with the program.

Ending Unhealthy Habits and Staying Clean

No matter how efficiently your body becomes in eliminating toxins with the help of a cleanse, the result would be for nothing if you continued pumping more toxins into your system.

By adding a second layer to the program — one which targets the prevention of ingesting toxins into your system — the program allows you to reap the benefits of remaining toxin-free.

This two-part approach is what helps you to achieve a state of health and fitness that will be optimal for healthier living overall.

How Does the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Differ From Other Detoxifying Cleanses?

One thing that is refreshing about the promotional and marketing material associated with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset program is that it never claims that the program will be easy.

On the contrary, on the product’s official website, it states, “It’s not designed to be easy. It’s designed to work.”

Such a statement will be reassuring to some — daunting to others. If you fall into the latter camp, you shouldn’t lose hope about using the Beachbody Ultimate Reset cleansing program.

While making any type of radical change to your lifestyle — even when it is for the betterment of your health — will bring challenges that need to be overcome, Beachbody Ultimate Reset makes it easier to overcome challenges that will come your way.

In doing so, the Ultimate Reset program stands out from other competing cleansing programs.

  • It is not a quick fix. Lasting 21 days, the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is designed to yield sustainable results. It’ll be your first step toward a healthier lifestyle from which you will benefit from for years to come.
  • It is divided into three phases. This not only gets your body used to the changes that it will experience, but it also allows you to adapt to healthier life choices going forward.
  • The supplements used are made with natural ingredients. The program does not compromise your health by using synthetic ingredients that undermine the value of the detoxifying process.
  • It prepares you for what comes next. Many body detox programs end their focus on removing the toxins from your system. By instructing you on the merits of clean eating and methods for healthy cooking while you are cleansing, Ultimate Reset puts you on a solid footing for staying healthy and toxin-free even after you have finished the program.
  • It allows you to eat as you cleanse and detox. One of the biggest drawbacks to other body cleanse programs is that they require you to fast or restrict your food intake severely during the process. Beachbody Ultimate Reset has you eating three full meals for all 21 days.

The Ultimate Reset Has Gone Through Clinical Studies (i.e Proven to Work).

The clinical study and the results were published on March 2013 in Journal of Chiropractic Medicine (a peer-reviewed medical journal). (Full text here:

Research was conducted at the New York College of Chiropractic Medicine, led by key investigator Dr. Mary Balliett. She had the following to say about the Ultimate Reset results:

“These results are statistically significant at p<0.05…. What does that mean?… That means you can be assured with 95% confidence that if you were to do this study, if you were to do this product, Ultimate Reset, that there’s a 95% chance that you would get the same results or very similar results.”

Here are the Clinical Study Results, the 21 Day Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cleanse is Effective for:

  • Reducing Weight (average weight loss of 8.75 pounds)
  • Decreasing fat mass
  • Increasing percent lean tissue
  • Reducing inches in waist and hip (over an inch on average)
  • Reducing cholesterol (both Total and LDL)
  • Reducing triglycerides
  • Increasing testosterone in male (female levels stayed consistent, only a slight decrease)

During this study, they also noted the following side effects during the 3 weeks:

  • Week 1 (Reclaim) – 55% No Symptoms; 23% Headache; 7% Fatigue
  • Week 2 (Release) – 66% No Symptoms; 9% Headache; 4% Fatigue
  • Week 3 (Restore) – 77% No Symptoms; 4% Headache; 13% Fatigue

The headaches were mainly due to caffeine withdrawals. However, you can see that those who reported the Headache side effects decreased over time.

Additionally, you can see that the majority of people had no side effects to report.

Check out the video below for a complete walk through of the Ultimate Reset Clinical Study…


What Are Beachbody Ultimate Reset’s Three Phases?

The three phases of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset were designed to transition your body, mind, and habits to a healthier and cleaner lifestyle.

Each phase lasts seven days and prescribes the supplements that you should take and the meals that you should be eating.

The phases are named Reclaim, Release, and Restore.


what is the beachbody ultimate reset

This phase covers the first seven days of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset program. The purpose of this phase is to lay the foundation for the bolder changes that will take place during phases two and three and start the “reclaiming” of your body.

During this stage, you will start to take the nutritional supplements that come with the program. As far as your meal plans are concerned, they will remove dairy and red meat from your diet. This will begin to remove some of the stress that your digestive system experiences in digesting those foods.

At no time will you go without eating during this phase, or the other two phases, of the program.

Many participants of the Ultimate Reset program report their cholesterol numbers dropping just from the simple actions taken during this first phase. Others indicate that they feel that they have more energy and feel less bloated after meals.

Those who may have suffered from chronic acid reflux or frequent cases of heartburn could feel those symptoms be curtailed as the highly acidic loads of red meat are removed from the diet.

On the downside, some people report mild indigestion during this phase. That is likely due more to your digestive system adjusting itself to foods you may not have been eating before rather than the absence of the red meat and dairy.


The second phase starts on your eighth day in the program and lasts through the 14th day. Building on the progress from phase one, the result of taking the nutritional supplements for more than seven days will begin to bolster your digestive system.

The good bacteria in your digestive tract will also begin to help your gut in purging you of toxins, and your body will be extracting healthy nutrients from the meals that you are eating in a far more efficient manner.

In terms of what you will be eating during this phase, all meats will be removed from your meal plans. By the conclusion of this phase, you will be on what can be classified as a vegan diet.

Most people who experienced mild indigestion during the first phase find that those discomforts decrease significantly, or disappear altogether, during the second phase. Those who actively track their health metrics through the 21 days of the program will notice a continued decrease in cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

The boosts in energy you experienced in phase one will now increase even further. In general, you will feel a sensation that you are being released from the burdens that the toxins were having on your body.


The final phase sees you through the final week of the Ultimate Reset plan.

Aptly named “restore,” this is when your body’s internal processes and digestive system start being restored to function the way nature intended them.

Your meal plans during this final phase will consist primarily of fruits and vegetables.

During this final phase, most people also report a sense of acceptance to the habits of proper food selection and meal preparation that the first 14 days taught them. Many find that they have discovered new foods that they had never enjoyed in the past.

You will find that you have new healthier food favorites replacing your old unhealthy ones.

The feeling most often reported at the end of the final phase is not one of relief — rather, it is one of accomplishment coupled with a new sense of purpose.

Will You Lose Weight During the Three Phases of Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

The fact that you are replacing many of the foods that are high in unhealthy fats and sugars while at the same time optimizing your digestive system means that you are also priming your body to increase its metabolism.

The majority of people who finish the three phases report weight loss — usually in the 15 to 25 lbs (6.8 to 11.4 kgs) range. There are individuals, however, who report higher amounts of weight loss —some over 40 lbs (18.2 kgs).

What Comes After the 21 Days Are Over?

Once you complete the three phases of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, your body would have ridden itself of toxins. Your digestive system, metabolism, and gut flora will now be restored to peak efficiency.

Your way of thinking about meal choices, your food preparation habits — your very mindset about food — would have evolved to view healthy choices as normal.

Before starting the Ultimate Reset, some people express concern about falling back into their old habits when they finish with the program.

Based on interviews with people who have gone through the program — as well as through commentary from other Beachbody Ultimate Reset reviews — the majority of those who finish the cleanse can sustain their newfound healthy lifestyle. It becomes their new normal.

After people finish with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset program, it is not unusual to see participants take up workout regimens that they had never tried before due to a lack of energy or stamina.

Others find that they no longer need to take medication for previously chronic health ailments. Of course, such a decision should only be made under the supervision of your doctor.

How Often Should You Do the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

A single 21-day round of the program, provided that you adhere to it as directed, will result in a toxin-free body.

However, for those who feel that their newly found healthy habits have been compromised after finishing the program, you can repeat the program.

The developers of the Ultimate Reset system recommend that you wait three to four months before doing another cleanse. The cleansing program can be completed up to four times per year.

Is There a Continuity Option?

While the full cleansing process should not be repeated more than four times per year, Beachbody Ultimate Reset does have a continuity option. This consists of continuing to take two of the six nutritional supplements that are part of the full program.

The two supplements involved are Power Greens and Optimize. These are safe to take daily and will help your body sustain its natural detoxification processes. They also help in keeping the healthy bacteria in your digestive tract at optimal levels.

Does the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Involve A Fitness Routine?

The main purpose of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is to cleanse your body of toxins and get you accustomed to a new lifestyle of healthier meal choices. It was not designed to include a fitness routine.

That being said, even though an exercise plan is not part of the Ultimate Reset mix, you can access specially prepared yoga routine videos on the participants portal. These yoga routines are not mandatory. They are designed to help you relax as you acclimate to the cleansing process.

Choosing not to watch the yoga videos will not keep you from achieving success with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset cleanse.

What Nutritional Supplements Are Provided With Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

The nutritional supplements that come with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset program are formulated from a variety of proprietary blends.

There are six supplements in total. They come in a kit containing all of the supplements that you will need for the 21-day cleanse.

  • Optimize. A blend of enzymes that help your body to absorb more nutrients from the food you eat. By bolstering the bioavailability of the nutrients, it makes digestion more efficient and bolsters your metabolism. This supplement also includes an extract from the camu-camu fruit, a natural source of easy to absorb vitamin C. This provides a boost to your immune system.
  • Soothe. Consisting of aloe vera and turmeric, this supplement assists in your digestive health. It also contributes to the improvement of your body’s response to oxidative stress, an imbalance that can occur between free radicals and antioxidants in your body that can otherwise hinder your body’s ability to properly purge toxins.
  • Power Greens. It contains kale, cucumber, celery, matcha, chlorella, and spinach. They all contain high levels of antioxidants and help your liver with detox functions. They also have the benefit of reducing inflammation and lowering cholesterol.
  • Mineralize. This consists of pink Himalayan salt. It aids in hydration and contains 84 additional minerals.
  • Detox. It contains chia, turmeric, and flax. These are natural substances that assist your body’s detox process. They are also conducive for good liver health. A healthy liver is essential for any detoxification regimen.
  • Revitalize. A blend of prebiotics and probiotics. The latter are healthy bacteria that your digestive tract needs to stay healthy. The former is a form of fiber that these bacteria need to thrive.

beachbody ultimate reset ingredients


Who Benefits From the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

Freeing your body of toxins has so many benefits that it is tempting to impulsively declare that everyone would benefit from the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. However, there are definitely certain people that the Ultimate Reset will help much more than others.

Those who benefit the most from the Beachbody Ultimate Reset:

  • Adult men and women. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is structured and its health supplements formulated to detoxify and bolster the adult human body regardless of gender.
  • Those who are about to embark on a fitness regimen. The program does not include a physical exercise component — apart from an optional yoga segment — but it is an excellent way to prepare your body for future exercise.
  • Those wishing to lose weight. A healthy body is going to be more prone to lose weight naturally. By incrementing the nutrients that your body extracts from healthy food and raising your metabolism, weight loss becomes easy as opposed to one that is forced on you. It is a less stressful path toward sustained weight loss.
  • Those who are chronically tired and fatigued. A toxin cleansing program such as the Beachbody Ultimate Reset does wonders for boosting your energy levels.
  • Those wanting to live a healthier lifestyle in general. By cleansing your body of toxins and helping you to establish healthier eating habits, Ultimate Reset provides you with the framework to lead a healthy lifestyle in a way that becomes natural. Plus, it helps you to get rid of old bad habits and replace them with healthy ones.

What Can You Expect From a Beachbody Ultimate Reset Meal Plan?

The meal plans and nutrition guides that are part of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset are more than on-screen infographics or printouts aimed at replacing recipe books.

Beachbody provides a comprehensive knowledge base that provides you with information essential for your cleanse and healthy living overall.

Each meal that you need to prepare can be followed along on a video. These meal plans were prepared by nutrition experts and the recipes themselves by professional chefs.

Not only do you get to learn cooking techniques for proper meal preparation, but you also learn how to pick the best and freshest ingredients at the grocery store. You are even provided with shopping lists that make grocery shopping for your new lifestyle easier.

The meal plans are not intended solely to get you through the cleanse, but also to prepare you for a future of healthier eating.

Are There Prepared Meals You Can Purchase for the Cleanse?

Beachbody Ultimate Reset does not have an option to purchase specially prepared meals for the cleanse. You have to follow the meal plans and recipes to prepare your meals.

While preparing three meals every day for 21 days may seem laborious, it is the only way to ensure that you are eating fresh and nutritious foods.

If prepared meals were offered — no matter how healthy the ingredients — they would require some sort of processing. That would undermine the effectiveness of the cleanse.

Also, since helping you to establish new eating choices is central to the Ultimate Reset process, acclimating you to proper meal preparation techniques with fresh ingredients is essential to the success of the program.

However, Beachbody does offer an optional Ultimate Reset package that includes Vegan Shakeology so that you can have one meal made quickly on the go.

How Much Does the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cost?

In order to follow the Beachbody Ultimate Reset cleanse, you need to purchase an Ultimate Reset kit from Beachbody. This has a cost of $199.95 plus Shipping/Handling.

The kit contains all of the nutritional supplements that you will need for your 21-day cleanse. It also includes a carrying caddy for all of your supplements.

In purchasing the kit, you also get access to the “participant portal.” This is where you can access all of the digital assets of the program—the nutrition guide, meal plans, cooking videos, etc.

The portal is also where you can access the support network where you can find motivation and advice.


Ultimate Reset Cleanse Participant Portal Through Beachbody on Demand

beachbody ultimate reset participant portalThe Ultimate Reset Participant Portal provides you with several online tools you can use to successful complete your 21 day cleanse.

You’ll get access to:

  • Easy-to-follow daily schedules
  • Cooking videos – There are videos available for every single phase of the Ultimate Reset.
  • Shopping lists – You’ll get a shopping list for each phase and ingredient lists to help you do your shopping.
  • Fitness and wellness tips
  • Science and nutrition information
  • An extensive support network where you’ll always find advice and encouragement

Plus, you can look around Beachbody on Demand (Beachbody’s Netflix of complete workout programs) to determine if it’s something you’ll want to continue with after you complete the Ultimate Reset.

Additional Options

Ultimate Reset Shakeology Challenge Pack

The Vegan Shakeology flavors can be used with the Ultimate Rest. This bundle package costs $275 and includes the Ultimate Reset Kit with Shakeology.

This is a great option if you won’t be able to complete the 3 meals on the program, thus allowing Shakeology to be a fast, healthy, and approved option for the Ultimate Reset.

With this option, starting in 30 days after placing your order, you’ll automatically receive Ultimate Reset Maintenance Kit and Shakeology every month for $229.90 per order (retail price) or $172.42 per order (Coach price), plus $6 s&h per unit, billed to the credit card.

However, you can cancel anytime by calling 1 (800) 470-7870 or visiting

Deluxe HD Package

For those interested in the continuity option of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, when you purchase your initial kit, you can opt for the Deluxe HD package.

When you finish your 21-day cleanse, you will start receiving a 30-day supply of the Power Greens and Optimize supplements every month. You will be billed $99.95 each month until you cancel.


Pros and Cons of Beachbody Ultimate Reset

In examining the Beachbody Ultimate Reset detox and cleansing program, we found the following to be its pros and cons.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Pros

  • It allows you to eat three full meals for the whole 21 days of the cleanse.
  • Its nutritional supplements are sourced from natural and organic ingredients.
  • Includes nutrition guides and meal plans.
  • Bolsters and leverages your body’s natural toxin purging processes.
  • Helps you learn of new healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Uses a three-phase system to ease your body and mind into the cleanse.
  • Includes optional Yoga workouts through the Participant Portal
  • The Ultimate Reset has gone through Clinic Trails and has been proven to work!

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cons

  • May seem pricey to some when compared to “liquid cleanses”
  • The Deluxe HD option requires auto-delivery and recurring billing.
  • Requires time and effort in meal preparation. Check out the 3 Day Refresh here for a shorter cleanse.

Ultimate Reset Cleanse Review: Final Say…

Beachbody Money Back GuaranteeThe Beachbody Ultimate Reset program is structured more comprehensively than any other cleansing programs on the market.

Its goal is not solely to cleanse and detoxify your body as quickly as possible.


  • It takes into account the importance of remaining toxin-free.
  • Teaches you how to create healthy and delicious meals with vegetables and spices you may never have heard of before.
  • And it eases you into healthier eating habits that can continue long after you complete your 21 day cleanse.

The Ultimate Reset therefore elevates itself above everyday cleanses found on the market today.

It’s fair to say that the Ultimate Reset is a life changer for the better.

If you are serious about being toxin-free, you will find a lot of value with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset program.


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