Is SlimFast a Meal Replacement? Will It Work for Weight Loss?

There are many great weight loss products on the market to enjoy. Consumers have their choice between supplements, pills, meal replacements, diet plans, and even surgery options to help them lose weight and feel better.

One of the potential options that have become popular with many dieters is that healthy nutrition includes SlimFast products.

SlimFast is a meal replacement, and SlimFast products are part of a diet plan that encourages individuals to lose weight. This is done by replacing two meals a day with high-protein SlimFast shakes and eating one high-nutrient meal of your choice. There are also several snack options available.

While there are many choices you can make with meal replacements, SlimFast is one of the more popular options because it works.

It has a simple format that is easy for people to follow while losing weight and allows for flexibility while preventing you from getting hungry. Read on to find more information on this product.

How Does SlimFast Work?

The SlimFast Diet is a partial meal replacement. This plan asks you to eat two meal replacements each day, along with three snacks.

You do have the freedom to make one meal a day your own. There are some guidelines for what foods you should include in this meal and how many calories should be inside.

When you replace your regular snacks and meals with pre-prepared and low-calorie choices, you automatically reduce your daily intake of calories. This results in weight loss.

SlimFast is meant to work as a meal replacement. To lose weight, you must replace one or two meals a day with one of their products. These products are low in calories, helping you to drastically reduce how much you take in during the day.

On average, SlimFast can provide 1200 calories each day for women and 1600 calories a day for men. The meal replacement options are higher in protein, which can help reduce your appetite, so you eat fewer calories.

This plan also claims that it helps to fight off hunger while encouraging the metabolism to keep burning. In addition to consuming the meal replacement, it is recommended that participants exercise for half an hour each day for best results.

Will I Lose Weight With SlimFast?

Before replacing two of your meals and all of your snacks with SlimFast, it is important to know whether these products will help you lose weight.

SlimFast works by reducing how many calories you take in each day, which creates a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is when you use up more calories than you take in.

According to one review (Diet in the management of weight loss), when participants followed a low-calorie diet, it lowered body weight by an average of 8% over the short-term. SlimFast meal replacements will help to limit calories, so weight loss is possible.

These meal replacement products are also high in protein, which has some benefits for weight loss as well. One small study (Feasibility of a partial meal replacement plan for weight loss in low-income patients) found that when participants increased their protein by 15% each day, their daily calorie intake was reduced by 441 calories. This also helped them to lose almost 11 pounds (5kg) over 14 weeks.

One interesting study (Feasibility of a partial meal replacement plan for weight loss in low-income patients) took a look at those who used SlimFast as part of their weight loss program. Two hundred ninety-three people were evaluated to see how effective SlimFast, and other meal replacement options were at helping with weight loss.

This study found that those who were in the group using SlimFast lost, on average, 10.6 pounds (5kg). Those in the control group tended to gain weight, at an average of 1.3 pounds (0.6 kg).

The biggest concern with this meal replacement option is the higher sugar content. When it is mixed with milk and anything other than water, the sugar content can greatly increase.

You should account for the sugar in each shake and snack replacement before adding it into your weight loss plan.

What to Eat on the SlimFast Diet?

This plan aims to keep your calories to a sensible level and consume foods that have a lot of healthy nutrition inside of them. The SlimFast meal plan makes this possible.

To lose weight, participants need to replace two of their meals with a SlimFast shake. You can choose any two meals you would like, and mixing them around occasionally is fine as well.

If you often replace breakfast with a shake but decide to have brunch with some friends, that is fine as well.

For one meal a day that is not a SlimFast shake or bar, you can choose what you would like to eat, as long as it is sensible.

Eating lean proteins, whole grains, and plenty of fruits and vegetables is a good choice for that third meal, no matter what time of day you enjoy it.

Snacks are also encouraged. The SlimFast product line includes healthy snacks that you can enjoy between meals that keep you within your required calorie count.

You can also choose some of your own snacks to supplement to save money on the SlimFast products. Aim to keep the snacks around 100 calories or less to save more for your big meal.

What Foods to Avoid on SlimFast?

Technically no foods are off-limits with this plan, as long as you maintain the recommended calorie allotment each day. For example, if you like to have some sugar in your coffee, you can do so as long as you deduct those calories from your limit.

You will find that snacks and foods higher in calories are hard to fit into this plan. This includes high-fat snacks, sugary drinks, baked goods, and fast foods.

These can be enjoyed in moderation, but you still need to subtract them from your total calories.

This is meant to encourage you to stick with alternatives that are lower in calories. Options like lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits can easily fit into your calorie allotment, while the higher calorie snacks will be harder.

No food is off-limits, but the goal is to encourage you towards healthier choices.

What to Do After Meeting Your Goals

Many get on the SlimFast meal replacement plan to help them lose weight. But what should you do after you meet your weight loss goals?

You must be careful when going back to your regular eating habits. This naturally brings more calories into the diet, and it is easy to splurge more when regular food is introduced back in.

After you reach your weight loss goals, it is recommended that you continue to replace one meal each day with meal replacement products and stick with the low-calorie snack options as much as possible.

Some agree that this gets expensive to maintain as the shakes may cost up to $4 each. Since you relied on the shakes and not just on healthy eating, some struggle to stick with this plan and maintain the weight loss when they are done.

SlimFast meal replacements are an effective and easy short-term solution. But you must pair it with healthy eating habits and other modifications in your behavior to lose weight and keep it off.


SlimFast provides are a good meal replacement to help those who are busy or would like to lose weight. It is high in protein and a few other good nutrients that help keep the metabolism going strong while keeping you full for maximum weight loss.

Significant weight loss is possible when two meals and several snacks are replaced with SlimFast each day, and also when the final meal is healthy and nutritious.


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Our Top Recommended Meal Replacement Shakes




Beachbody Shakeology


Shakeology is our most recommended meal replacement shake because it's a nutrient dense shake that includes:

  • Protein
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Prebiotics & Probiotics
  • Adaptogens
  • Superfoods
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Omega-3 From ALA

Thus, making it perfect for weight loss, increased energy, digestive health, reduced cravings, and overall better health.

Plus, Shakeology has stood the test of time as it has been around since 2009 without compromising its whole food ingredients. Instead, Shakeology has improved their flavors in taste and potency, and has even added vegan and gluten free options.

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Ample Meal

Ample Meal

Ample Meal is an interesting meal replacement as it focuses more on healthy fats. Ample Meal includes:

  • Healthy Fats with Coconut & Macadamia Nut Oil
  • Prebiotics & Probiotics
  • Antioxidants
  • Electrolytes

With Ample Meal, you can get a nice fulling 400 calorie meal with 2 scoops or do a single scoop of 200 calories if your goal is weight loss. Similar to Shakeology, it’s free of all the artificial junk that most meal replacement shakes have today.

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Macro Meal


MacroMeal is another interesting meal replacement shake as it contains a blend of fast, medium, and slow digesting protein that delivers sustained energy. MacoMeal also includes the following core ingredients:

  • Coconut Oil Powder
  • Antioxidants
  • Probiotics
  • Multivitamins & Minerals

Although not technically a meal replacement as it’s low in carbohydrates, people have found it to be filling because of the MCT oils and slow digesting proteins.

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