Is Huel a Meal Replacement? A Protein Shake? Healthy?

is huel a meal replacement shake

In our modern and hectic world, it is hard to find a healthy meal that is easy to put together, can be taken on the go, and has all the healthy nutrients we need to fuel our hard-working bodies.

When it comes to helping you reach all the macronutrient requirements your body needs each day, nothing can compare to Huel.

Huel can be used to replace any meal of the day because it has more complete nutrition in regards to carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, and essential vitamins & minerals compared to other meal replacements on the market.

Huel is a healthy meal replacement. Unlike other meal replacement options out there that are full of fillers and sugars, Huel provides the body with plenty of the plant based  nutrients it needs to stay healthy. With 400 calories, healthy carbs and fats, and plenty of protein, Huel is what your body needs. 

Huel is often seen as a great meal replacement option to help those who are active and want something healthy even if they can’t sit down to eat a whole meal.

In this article, we will look more into Huel, the different products available, the nutritional makeup of these products, and how you can benefit from adding them into your day.

What Is Huel?

Huel is a company that creates a variety of pre-made meal replacement powders and drinks. These are meant to provide complete nutrition at 400 calories per serving.

Huel is short for human fuel, and they are designed not just to fill you up and help you lose weight. They include lots of healthy minerals, vitamins, and macronutrients to get you through those hectic days.

Huel is often used by people who need a fast but healthy option for those days they just can’t sit down to a meal. It is also a good alternative to getting fast foods or freezer meals.

All their products are vegan, non-GMO, and ethically sourced. This makes them more accessible and great for many people.

Can I Lose Weight with Huel?huel ingredients

Huel is a meal replacement that can help you lose weight if you use it properly.

Most meal replacements are low in calories, which often means they are high in sugar, lack fiber, fat, and low glycemic index carbs. Many will use inferior sources of carbs, including maltodextrin, which provides little nutritional value besides calories.

Huel is full of healthy macronutrients, along with the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay full and energized.

It was designed to work as a healthy alternative to eating out when you are busy. But when you watch your calorie intake for the rest of the day while drinking Huel with one meal, it can be an aid for weight loss.

Many do use it for weight loss since it is higher in calories than many other meal replacements though, it is important to keep that in mind, especially if you plan to use this to replace two meals a day.

Huel is designed as a way to help improve your health and gives your body the nutrients it needs.

Other meal replacement options may help with weight loss, but they include lots of sugars and fillers that end up harming the body in the long run.

Huel provides lasting nutrition that is good for you, whether you want to lose weight or not.

What Products Does Huel Offer?

Huel offers four main products that consumers can enjoy for their meal replacement needs. These include:

  • Huel Ready to drink: This is a complete nutritional meal in a bottle, so you don’t need to do any work. It comes in berry, vanilla, and chocolate.
  • Huel powder: This is the meal replacement powder. There are several flavors to choose from.
  • Huel Bar: This bar is a nutritionally complete snack that comes in several flavors.
  • Flavor boosts: These are some sweetening packets that will help customize your Huel powder. You can choose from many flavors, including apple cinnamon, chocolate mint, mocha, strawberry, and more.

Are the Huel Meal Replacements Healthy?

Huel powder and its other products are healthy and contain all the minerals and macronutrients that you need to stay healthy.

Unlike other meal replacement options that offer low calories to help you lose weight, Huel focuses more on fueling the body with all the good stuff.

Huel Powder

First, we can look at the Huel Powder.

This powder has 400 calories in each serving. This is a good calorie count for how many nutrients are in it and can leave you feeling satisfied without being overly filling.

The fat content is about 12 grams a serving while the carbs are 42 grams, and the protein is 29 grams a serving. Compared to the average meal replacement, Huel powder includes more fiber and less sugar too.

Huel Ready to Drink

Just like the Huel Powder, Huel Ready to Drink contains 400 calories. The fat content is a bit higher at 20 grams a serving.

If you drink more than one of these a day, you may need to monitor your fat content to make sure you don’t drink too much.

This version of Huel will have 37 grams of carbs and 20 grams of protein to keep you up and moving on those busy days.

What About the Vitamins?

Huel is a great meal replacement choice because it is full of vitamins and minerals that other options don’t have.

Both the Ready to Drink and Powder options provide you with a minimum of 20% of all the minerals and vitamins that you need each day.

Some of the specific vitamins and minerals that are high in these products include:

  • Molybdenum
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D2

Even though these may occasionally go over your daily recommendations when eating a healthy diet along with Huel, there shouldn’t be any adverse effects.

In fact, if you plan to exercise often, your body may need these higher amounts.

Huel is High on Carbohydrates and Protein

Unlike other meal replacements where the goal is for weight loss and thus calories, carbohydrates, and protein is kept low enough to have you feeling full; Huel changes this around.

Huel’s premium health shake is designed to replace a healthy meal and ensure you get the nutrients that you need.

Two nutrients you’ll see more of in the Huel meal replacement is Carbohydrates and Protein.

Carbohydrates – Huel is made up of just over 40% low-GI oats which leads to the feeling of fullness. Additionally, these slow-release carbohydrates are ideal for maintaining energy for up to several hours.

As a side note, several cheaper meal replacement shakes use maltodextrin as the main carb source. Maltodextrin is cheap and easy to mix, so there’s a valid reason for its use.

However, although it’s a ‘complex’ carb, it actually has a high GI, so these formulas provide a surge of energy followed by a loss of energy. Maltodextrin is also a synthetic carb, so it provides nothing more than carbohydrate for energy.

Protein – Huel offers 29 grams of plant based protein, which is even higher than most protein shakes on the market. All essential amino acids are included in adequate amounts from two vegan protein sources: pea and rice protein, as well as protein from the oat powder.

Much like the carbohydrates included in Huel, the high amount of protein is there because it works amazingly at keep hunger away.

How Often Should I Drink Huel?

Huel is advertised as a healthy option for those who live an active lifestyle and may not have time to make a meal each day.

Instead of reaching for a freezer meal, an unhealthy snack, or heading to the drive-thru, you can drink Huel and get all the nutrition that you need.

It is more of an active lifestyle choice than a meal replacement that is used for weight loss. However, it can be used for weight loss while providing adequate nutrition for all your daily needs.

Most people find that consuming Huel in place of one meal a day is plenty for them. You may choose to use this at lunch when you don’t have time to eat at the office, for breakfast as you run out the door, or even as an early supper when you are on the way to your kids’ soccer practice.

It is safe to drink Huel more than once a day. If you are busy or want to use this to lose weight, drinking in place of two meals is fine.

Be aware of the fat and carb content, though, to ensure you don’t go over your daily allotment when combined with that third meal and any other snacks you choose to enjoy.


Huel is considered a meal replacement since it does share some similarities with other meal replacement shakes.

However, Huel is much more than that. It is a full nutrition option for those who lead an active lifestyle who want to make sure they get adequate nutrition throughout the day without reaching for something unhealthy.

Even when used to replace one or two meals a day, Huel provides all the protein, fat, carbs, and other nutrients the body needs to stay healthy.


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