Can Super Greens Replace Vegetables? Which is BEST?

Can Super Greens Replace Vegetables

Due to vegetables’ unpopularity, several people have tried finding alternatives to vegetables while still getting vegetables’ nutritional benefits. Super green powders include spinach and other superfoods that are dried and ground into a powder that can be put in a shake or mixed directly into the water for an easy drink. However, can super greens completely replace whole vegetables in a healthy diet?

Super greens cannot replace vegetables in a healthy, balanced diet due to the lack of fiber and other nutrients. However, super greens powders can supplement your diet with several micronutrients and are often designed to boost your immunity, energy levels, brain health, and other benefits.

You can have your super greens and your vegetables as a part of a well-balanced diet. This article will show you how to do that for optimal health.

Super Greens Can Be A Poor Vegetable Replacement If It’s Highly Processed

The issue with Super Greens is that they are often highly processed and might have dangerous contaminants that whole vegetables don’t have, such as lead and arsenic.

While one study found just traces in the super greens powder samples, it shows you that when greens are processed, contaminants sometimes accidentally make their way into the resulting powders.

They also have one or two nutrients in abundance while lacking in other nutrients that whole vegetables have.

When vegetables are dehydrated and ground into powder, they retain all of the fresh vegetables’ nutrients. Yet, when processed to extract certain nutrients to create more of those nutrients, other nutrients are left out.

However, super greens powders can supplement a well-balanced diet, in addition to a variety of vegetables, proteins, and fruits.

Super Greens Lack the Fiber of Vegetables

Super greens also lack the fiber of vegetables. The fiber found in vegetables and fruits offsets the natural sugars and helps you feel fuller longer, which many people use to lose weight.

However, people who have problems digesting whole vegetables find that it is the fiber that makes it difficult for them to digest. For those people who have a difficult time with fiber, Super Greens powders are an easy way to get a high dose of nutrition that vegetables usually have.

Yet, fiber can reduce cholesterol, keep your blood sugar stable, and fill your stomach with lower calorie foods that can help you lose weight. You need whole vegetables in your diet, not only for the multiple vitamins and minerals but also for the bulk to keep you regular.

When you consume only super greens to replace vegetables, you miss out on many of the benefits of whole vegetables.

Super Greens Are Supplemental to a Healthy, Well-Balanced Diet

As mentioned already, super greens powders can supplement a healthy, well-balanced diet, especially if you don’t always get your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.

However, the one issue with vegetables is that they don’t have the same amount of nutrition as they once did due to today’s soil quality.

Even if you have a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables and buy organic produce, you still are not getting the recommended nutritional allotment that your ancestors once did.

Super greens are a quick and easy way to supplement an already healthy diet with the extra nutrition they bring. Super greens should not replace vegetables, but you can use them in addition to your diet.

Super Greens Are a Quick Way to Infuse Extra Nutrition Into Your Diet

While super greens won’t replace whole vegetables, they are a healthy way to infuse extra nutrition into your diet. You most likely don’t always have time to eat healthily, and in those situations, super greens can make up the deficit with your nutrition.

Super greens are not just vegetables with higher nutritional content. As mentioned earlier, super greens are processed to extract the nutritional qualities of the vegetables. Because of this, they can fill in the gaps in your diet better than multivitamins.

Let’s face it—life gets busy sometimes, and there is not always enough time to eat right. Throw some super greens in a smoothie, and you are on your way out the door.

Those With Digestion Issues Find Super Greens Easier to Digest Than Whole Vegetables

People with digestion issues have a difficult time with whole vegetables and cannot eat very many of them before gastrointestinal distress kicks in. This often means that they don’t get the necessary vitamins and minerals that come from vegetables. However, only those powders that have probiotics are easier to digest than other super greens powders.

shakeologyIf you find that whole vegetables don’t agree with you, try finding some super greens with probiotics to heal your gut.

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Leafy greens also help with digestion, so if you’re making a green smoothie, try throwing in some spinach, kale, or swiss chard.

Whole Vegetables Can Help You Lose Weight Faster Than Super Greens

When on a weight loss diet, the fiber in vegetables can help you feel full longer than you would with super greens powder.

Super greens are meant for filling in the gaps for your nutritional needs, but vegetables provide more bulk at a fraction of the calories.

Vegetables with fiber can also help lower your cholesterol and keep your blood sugar at an even level.

When your blood sugar is level, your body releases insulin at a consistent rate. If your insulin is consistent and your blood sugar is in control, your body will burn fat consistently. That’s why it’s important to include vegetables in your diet if you want to lose weight.

However, if you’ve jumped on the intermittent fasting trend where you eat only within a shortened window of time, you could try putting some super greens powder in water for an extra nutritional boost. That way, you get the best of both worlds: fasting to lose weight and extra nutrition.

How to Use Super Greens Powder

Super greens powder can be mixed in water for a nutritious, quick drink, blended in a smoothie or protein shake, or mixed in with flour to make pasta or bread.

Super greens are not just green vegetables, but can also include beetroots, berries, and other produce, which can provide various flavors and colors in your baked goods and shakes.

To add a little extra nutrition to your muffins, add some goji berry powder to your dry ingredients before mixing the dry with the wet ingredients. Add some fresh blueberries, and you have superfood muffins that you can take on the go. If you add unflavored protein powder, the muffins could be a full meal.

Cookies can also be made with super greens powder. If you use a fruity powder like goji berries or similar powder, you could make oatmeal raisin cookies with a fruity infusion. Banana bread could be made with Stevia or monk fruit, along with a little basil for a new twist.

Spinach powder, spirulina, and chlorella powders could be added to a protein shake to boost your antioxidants and nutrition. Make a fruity greens drink with an apple, banana, and super greens powder blended with water or milk.

While whole vegetables can be combined in a smoothie, super greens powders mix smoother and without the pulp that comes with whole vegetables or fruits.


If you’re going to use super greens powder to supplement your diet, there are certain things you should look for that indicate you’re getting a quality product.

  • The first three ingredients should be greens like spirulina, spinach, wheatgrass, etc., rather than flavors and sweeteners.
  • The nutrition label needs to show how much vitamins and minerals you are getting per 100 grams.
  • The taste should not be overly sweet, nor should it taste like grass.

Vegetables are still necessary for a healthy diet, but super greens can fill in the gaps when you don’t have time to cook or eat a healthy meal.

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Beachbody Shakeology


Shakeology is #3 on our Super Greens list because it doesn't only have super greens ingredients. Instead, it's a nutrient dense shake that includes several more ingredients than you may actually be looking for. This includes:
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