Expert Shake Reviews is about sharing what I’ve learned on my weight loss journey.

I went from knowing little to nothing about losing weight to finding what really works and what’s simply a waste of time.

Here you’ll learn about the options you have with meal replacement and protein shakes. Unfortunately, not all shakes are created equal.

I hope to share with you the healthiest and the ones most likely to give you results!

Here’s A Little Information About Me…

It wasn’t long ago that I was only 25 years old and weighed around 210 lbs. I was a very big guy and had no idea what to do about.

I loved food and just didn’t care much about my weight.

Sure, when I lied down I felt like a beached whale but things were good… or so I thought.

A visit to a Doctor quickly changed how I saw my weight.

Yes, I had gone to the Doctor for a visit unrelated to my weight and was told how my blood pressure was high and that I’m considered OBESE…

A very shocking day indeed.

It wasn’t long ago that I used to love running in high school, so I never thought I was really out of shape.

Yet, there I was, at age 25 and on the road to having high blood pressure and cholesterol… that was my future.

I’m glad to say today that I was able to lose 60 pounds by using a meal replacement shake (Shakeology) and with some simple exercises over time.

However, it all started by eating less and of course eating healthier.

What really helped me was using a Meal Replacement Shake and I know it can help you too.

Unfortunately, not all shakes on the market are created to be healthy for you.

Many meal replacement and protein shakes are chemically engineered in lab with ingredients that potentially cause more harm than good in the long term.

That’s why I decided to share the shake knowledge I’ve gained on my weight loss journey with you.

Overall Structure Of ExpertShakeReviews.com

You’re going to find several articles about meal replacement and protein shakes on this site. They are designed to inform you so that you can make wise decisions.

For example, should you use a meal replacement shake or a protein shake?

When is the best time to drink either a meal replacement or protein shake?

And, of course, which shake is best for you to be drinking right now?

I hope the information I created will help you make the best decision possible for your specific need.

Feel free to contact me here with any questions.

I would lave to hear from you.