About Julio

Thanks for stopping by my site. My name is Julio Diaz and am the owner of ExpertShakeReviews.com

I started this site to review meal replacement shakes, protein shakes, and other items that will help you reach your fitness or health goals.

I originally went to college for a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, but also got into nutrition and fitness because of my personal struggles and achievements.

In High School I was nice and fit. I loved running almost every single day.

However, once I got into college, there was a lot of stress and easily available food.

As a result, I went from a lean 155 pounds to over 200 pounds by the time I graduated from college.

Yet, my weight didn’t bother me much for several years.

I know it wasn’t until 2009 when I decided to try to lose weight.

At first I simply did a few push ups and sit ups before going to work. Nothing difficult or long. Just something simple.

Later I started running. Living in sunny San Diego allowed me to go running by the beach and a few different hiking trails.

I remember only being able to run a few minutes, walking, some light running, and walking some more.

I never went more than a mile or two at the beginning.

Over time I was able to start running none stop and was even getting up to 4 miles in one run.

Unfortunately, I needed more of a challenge because I wasn’t getting much muscle definition from only running.

That’s when I came across a home workout program called Insanity by Beachbody.

It was a tough cardio workout program but I was glad that I was able to complete it.

During this workout I got introduced to Shakeology, a premium superfood health shake from Beachbody.

With the help of several Beachbody workouts (Insanity, P90X, P90X3, Insanity MAX 30, Focus T25, and others) and Shakeology I was able to get to 160 pounds.

Today, I still drink Shakeology and workout every morning. My eating habits are not as strict as before I got married but still trying.

Regardless, I built this site to share my experience with the products that I used and to share what I learned about meal replacement and protein shakes before I decided to buy Shakeology.

As you may have found… not all shakes are created equal.

Some are healthier than others.

Some are made with questionable ingredients.

And then some shakes blur the line if they’re a meal replacement shake, a protein shake, or just a healthy green shake.

With ExpertShakeReviews.com, I hope to examine several popular shakes so that you can decide on the best shake that will meet your needs.

Thank you and Have a Great Day.

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